Amalgama El Prado by Daniel Canogar

Amalgama El Prado is a generative video work created from the Prado Museum’s painting collection, which will be transformed by an algorithm created by the studio of Daniel Canogar, liquifying artworks into a mercurial blend. The pictures will be projected while they slide through the oculus in the ballroom of the Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain in Washington, D.C.

50 fotografías con historia

50 fotografías con historia takes a look at the last eighty years of this discipline in Spain through its key participants: 50 images. Each of the selected photographs reflects an era, a way of understanding photography and, of course, its corresponding social and human burden.

Transformando lo físico

How can you describe a building without ever having seen it, without having walked through its doors? Transforming the physical environment has asked 12 Spanish creators to define our building without visiting it first, at least not in the traditional sense. To do this, the artists will work on the intervention of a photograph of the façade of the building which will be placed in the garden.

Around Nature

On the occasion of the 5th Centenary of the first trip around the world, accomplished by Juan Sebastian Elcano and Fernando de Magallanes, Spanish artist Juanli Carrión designs a garden commissioned by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain that explores the socio-botanical consequences of the Magellan-Elcano expedition.

Teatro para dar la vuelta al mundo

Theater to circumnavigate the world features three emerging Spanish playwrights who create new short plays on the occasion of the 5th Centenary of the first trip around the world.