50 fotografías con historia

50 fotografías con historia

50 fotografías con historia takes a look at the last eighty years of this discipline in Spain through its key participants: 50 images. Each of the selected photographs reflects an era, a way of understanding photography and, of course, its corresponding social and human burden.

Our visual journey will begin with the outbreak of the Civil War, when photojournalists such as Agustí Centelles and Martín Santos Yubero became the eyes and chroniclers of the conflict. In the post-war period and the years that followed, photographers such as Ricard Terré, Ramón Masats or Joan Colom made a name for themselves as they began using their art in a wide variety of ways: through documentary photography, satirical portraits, photojournalism and street photography.

The exhibition will then take us through a period in Spain that marked a necessary evolution in visual language as well: the Spanish Transition. This was a time when photography started being used in different ways and new voices emerged —Alberto García-Alix, Chema Madoz, Pablo Juliá and Marisa Flórez, among others— with new discourses that were necessary for a society in full effervescence.

We will then explore the boom in popularity of documentary photography and the lenses of Spanish authors who gazed abroad, which began in the 1990s and still continues today thanks to key authors such as Cristina García Rodero, Navia, Isabel Muñoz and Sandra Balsells. We cannot leave out the gazes of those who are now shaping the current photographic landscape of our country. A narrative wealth that is the result of our history and that we now invite you to discover with 50 photographs which tell us fifty different stories. The selection of photographers includes 17 National Photography Award winners and 2 National Fine Art Photography Award winners.

—José María Díaz Maroto and Gonzalo Revidiego, curators.

  1. Agustí Centelles

    Assault Guards at Carrer de la Diputació, 1936

  2. Carlos Pérez Siquier

    La Niña Blanca, 1958

  3. Gabriel Cualladó

    Clemente and his Tricycle, 1958

  4. Virxilio Vieitez

    Dorotea do cara, 1960

  5. Francesc Catalá Roca

    Ladies Walking along the Gran Vía, 1952

  6. Nicolás Muller

    Worker at the Drainage of the Tisza River, 1937

  7. Enrique Meneses

    Fidel Castro, 1958

  8. Cristina García Rodero

    18 months old, 1995

  9. Rafael Sanz Lobato

    The Boy with the Drum, 1980

  10. Benito Román

    Pasacalles en Tarifa, 1979

  11. Alberto García Alix

    Self-Portrait with Wounded Body, 1981

  12. Gervasio Sánchez

    Sofia and Alia, 2007

  13. Xurxo Lobato

    Prestige, 2002

  14. J.M. Castro Prieto

    Wedding in Taquile, 2000

  15. Pablo Pérez Mínguez

    Torero Cordero, 1972

  16. Tony Catany

    Escariano, 2007

  17. Pablo Juliá

    Fraga's Vote, 1982

  18. Joana Biarnés

    Paul McCartney, 1965

  19. José María Mellado

    Blue Chevy and Dancing Couple, 2006

  20. Rafael Navarro

    Diptych #14, 1978

  21. Luis Castelo

    Ajaia Ajaja, 2007

  22. Sofía Moro

    Shujaa Graham, 2009

  23. Chema Conesa

    Los Thyssen, 1989

  24. Elisa González Miralles

    Wannabe, 2017

  25. Cristina de Middel

    Iko Iko, Afronauts Series, 2011

The exhibition in Washington, D.C. will be divided in two phases: 25 photographs will be shown during the spring/summer season, and the rest 25 in the fall/winter.