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Buildings hide messages waiting to be deciphered in their architecture. The meanings of these messages are left to the free interpretation of whoever seeks to decipher those codes.

After delving into the memories that fill this place and taking multiple walks with Google Street View, with the aim of putting into context the space surrounding the building, I discovered the balustrade on the upper floor and decided to remove it, as the central element of this intervention.

Then, I started to decode the geometry of the balustrade, contemplating various options according to possible characters and, of course, without losing sight of the history behind the building on 16th Street.

And it was precisely those digits and letters 16 ST that fitted perfectly. The name of the street makes explicit reference to one of the historical events that struck me most: a series of local protests to return it to its original name, something they achieved a year later.

Once the final design was completed, looking at it from afar, its shape resembled a house with a chimney. I consider this coincidence to be the best tribute to the building with the use of its own architecture.