Iñaki Chávarri

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Thresholds are seductive: Where do I end and where do you begin? Where does one thing meet another? If that line exists, I want to find ways to inhabit it.

Exploring the building of the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain in Washington I found the negative space created by the arch of the entrance: a threshold that tacitly defines whether you are inside or outside that architecture.

Today we are constantly required to define ourselves: at the doctor, on a dating app, or on the professional resume. Personally, I always get the feeling that I lie even when I say my age. What happened to all those gray areas? I always need more space to say that the thirty-eight was very tough, but that I am very happy because the thirty-nine is just around the corner.

The percentage of intersex people in the world is very close to that of redheads. Our language makes about 2% of the population invisible. Many will say that it is a generalization based on practical matters and others (among whom I am) point out a systemic fear to inhabit the complexity of existence with all its nuances.

I adjusted the arc to the horizontal position of the exhibition format and developed it from right to left in a 17-step tonal gradation.

In a moment of media, systematic and existential polarization, this image is an invitation to the softness of the intermediate states, the curve of doubts and the pleasure of indefiniteness.