Groundsel tree, Sea Myrtle

Seed Mix: 1

Baccharis halimifolia

This fragrant shrub is from the largest genus in the Asteraceae family. Some are abundant with flowers, rich in nectar and fragrance, and are therefore prized by beekeepers for honey production. The Baccharis Halmifolia, a coastal plant tolerant of salty sprays from the ocean, is a popular plant for hedging in coastal regions.

“Although it apparently has little or no value as a good food source for game animals (wildlife), the groundsel tree provides cover and nesting habitat for various species of birds. Bees and small butterflies use the abundant nectar from the male flowers, which in turn attract songbirds to forage on the insects” (USDA).

Bird nest

Many species of birds are directly involved in the pollination process, mainly in tropical areas. In some areas such as the United States, birds generally pollinate native wildflowers. Therefore, it is essential to welcome these winged visitors to our native plant gardens. This egged-shaped homes are designed to attract a number of secondary cavity nesters.

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