Tamara Arroyo

5 / 12

From the series Eudaimonia 2021

The proposal talks about how architecture and its environment influence us, through a series of layers on the building’s image and the embassy’s garden, where its stylistic eclecticism can be glimpsed.

Different drawings of ornamental elements taken from popular architecture emerge in contrast to it. Through this window,” an exhibition space, different layers, and ornaments are superimposed in a game-like manner on the screen or grid, like another layer that hinders or complements vision.

This superposition of ornamental elements —taking the shape of a fence, on arches, balustrades, and other decorative elements of the embassy itself— make up a visual sensation that also serves to speak, within the social architectural context, of the state of our satisfaction and well-being.

Eudaimonia is the ninth and last indicator of the quality-of-life index that seeks to measure, through a subjective assessment, the general experience of life.