Susana Blasco

11 / 12

Being a wallflower

This billboard lives in a border place, between the building and the garden. It belongs to the halfway. To both spaces, and to neither. It talks of the building, from outside the building. Planted in the garden, as a beacon and a mirror.

This piece aims to explore the intersection between the natural and the man-made, from a personal and intuitive reading of the space by the artist. The garden lacks flowers, the building lacks whimsy. Let’s play.

Taking both symbolic elements, we confront the organic with the geometric. On the one hand, the daisies, on the other hand, the semicircles, conveniently shaken and mixed, turning the flowers into a constructed pretext, and the architectural elements into leafless and disorderly petals. Curiously, the result blends in with the environment, with an almost unnoticed beauty that requires a slower observation. An image that is simple, yet out-of-tune at the same time. Ornamental and symbolic. Familiar, but mysterious.

A weird bouquet greets visitors in this giant wallflower.