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Natal chart: Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain in Washington, D.C. (April 2nd, 1927)

We present an unorthodox portrait of the building, reflecting not on what is visible but on that which is unseen: its memory and potential.

Researching the origins and foundation of the Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain in Washington, D.C., we came across a date: April 2nd, 1927. We made the site’s natal chart (also known as astral chart) to learn some of the key points that have shaped and informed what it is today, also allowing us to speculate on its hidden aspects and what it could become in the future.

Astrology is all about potential. Currently considered an esoteric pseudoscience, this field observes and interprets the position of celestial bodies, both fixed and in transit, portraying not just what we are, but what we have the possibility of becoming. Natal charts can be made for people, countries or buildings. In the case of this cultural enclave, the “masculine” energy (its Sun and Moon, located in the sign of Aries) that has brought the institution and its diplomatic relations forth now has the opportunity of opening up to the “feminine,” of paying attention to the people that inhabit this place, to common causes and social matters, in pursuit of a healthy energetic balance. This search for equilibrium is crucial during the year 2021, in regards to the transit of Chiron, healer of our deepest and most unconscious wounds, across its Sun in Aries.

The format of Transformando lo físico reminded us of a flag, and we wished to reclaim this symbol of identity through handmade embroidery, a historically feminine practice that has also been underestimated in the field of visual arts. This technique, however, connects us to our caregiving ancestors, as well as with the sensitive, with a kinder perception of time and serenity amidst an accelerated world. We are talking about putting faith into other velocities, into other ways of being and doing. The use of lace, transparencies, puntillas and soft textures, emphasizes our bet on the sensitive, on the feminine understood as an intrinsic part of all people, no matter their gender. This is about inviting to reflect by being in touch with the subtle, this is about an opportunity.