Maple-Leaved Arrowwood

Seed Mix: 6

Viburnum acerifolium

The Maple-Leaved Arrowwood, or Viburnum, is a low-growing shrub (1-3M) in the Honeysuckle family. It grows in marshes, streambanks, swamps, and other moist places, with its flowers attracting butterflies, bees and songbirds. It is well adapted to growing in shaded areas and is successfully used in difficult habitat restorations.

The Maple-Leaved Arrowwood leaves are often confused with the Maple tree while a juvenile. This confusion has led to it carrying the latin named Acerifolium-acer (maple) Folium (leaf-like). Its darker purple leaves and fruit in the fall stand out among autumnal forests of yellow and red, making it a plant with a unique aesthetic. Its fruits persist into winter, providing food for many birds and animals.

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