7 Species of Clover

Seed Mix: 5

Melilotus officinalis – Trifolium pratense, Medium – Trifolium incarnatum – Trifolium repens, Ladino – Trifolium alexandrium – Trifolium hybridum – Trifolium repens, Dutch

Clovers belong to the bean (Fabaceae) family. Unique in the plant kingdom, these plants add nitrogen to the soil (nitrogen fixing). With this, they are an important plant in agriculture as farmers look to heal their soil after planting crops that require a lot of nutrients. Clovers are an important food source for many species of bees.

Last year this planter had Eucalyptus planted in it. Known to be a particularly aggressive plant that can poison the soil, clovers were planted here to help restore the soil.

Bumblebee shelter

One of the threats that bumble bees face is the destruction of their habitats. It is therefore crucial to provide the necessary shelters for these valuable pollinators, catering to their specific needs, such as nesting in a warm and dry place. These shelters have been designed to have a single entrance and holes in the back to prevent condensation.

Insect watering dish

Insects such as bees and butterflies get very thirsty when collecting nectar. That is why having access to water sources near flowering sites is essential for them so that they can hydrate, regain their strength and regulate their temperature.

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