Diptych #14

20 / 50 by Rafael Navarro, 1978

Díptico #14, © Rafael Navarro, 2021

A photographic dialog is the conversation between two images. A latent conversation that has different translations depending on the eye that is placed on them. This dialog takes the form of a diptych under the gaze of Rafael Navarro. In his visual poetry suggestion prevails over any logical explanation, leaving the field of interpretation open to the experiences and baggage of the viewer.

To carry out Diptych #14, which was taken in the area of lower Aragon, Navarro photographed a tree without leaves in the winter and wrote down the coordinates. When he returned six months later, the tree had disappeared. He had no choice but to select another tree and reverse his search: He first photographed a tree with leaves and six months later he could complete the diptych. Search time is just another ingredient that needs be added to the work of this photographer.

With a language halfway between abstraction and figuration, he has always been a natural-born observer who has paid attention to the human body—nudes in particular— the passage of time and the relationship with nature. He runs away from the obvious to suggest rather than explain.