Dolores Ibarruri, La Pasionaria and Rafael Alberti

35 / 50 by Marisa Flórez, 1977

The Transition was a time of profound changes, with main characters such as Carrillo, Fraga or La Pasionaria, who became legends. In this context, the photographer’s job is as simple as being in the right place while things unfold according to the script. And that is precisely what Marisa Florez did: she captured a moment that encapsulated well the profound transformation that was certain to shake up Spanish society.

First day at the Cortes Democraticas –the Spanish General Courts– on July 13th, 1977. Rafael Alberti and Dolores Ibarruri –known as La Pasionaria– arm in arm, walk down the stairs of Congress. It was not even a year ago that these two people were persecuted for their political ideology. Dolores Ibarruri was to preside over the interim bureau that would provisionally oversee the first Democratic General Courts. Meanwhile, Rafael Alberti was at that time a member of the congress representing the communist party, which had obtained twenty-four seats during the first election. It was the start of the Spanish democracy, and the images left a good legacy which can be used to evaluate their intentions.