4:50 pm. July 12, 1997

48 / 50 by Eduardo Nave, 2011

On the morning of January 16, 1992, when he was only 15 years old, Eduardo Nave was on his way to pay his condolences to a schoolmate whose father had died in an attack perpetrated by ETA. When passing in front of the place where the attack had taken place, the photographer was deeply shocked. The same place, and that feeling of alienation caused by places marked by absence.

His work En la hora, en el lugar (At the time and place) shows those unremarkable corners that are marked by terrorist attacks perpetrated by ETA in Spain and France. Landscapes that no longer belong to the present, eaten away by oblivion and where only a deep void remains to be filled by the recent memory of our country.

The photographer uses a large-format camera and a neutral-density filter. This type of filter is used to reduce the intensity of light entering the lens, allowing for longer exposure times. We also need to create a distance to look at heartbreaking realities, a necessary filter that protects us from pain.

In each of his works, Nave seeks to find an explanation for the human condition, taking historical events as the backdrop for his work.