Pasacalles en Tarifa

10 / 50 by Benito Román, 1979

In contrast with the solemnity of bullfighting festivals, their symbolism and rituals, another form of bullfighting was born: comic bullfighting. Photographer Benito Román stepped into this world because of a commission from the newspaper he worked for at the time, but the truth is that he was trapped by it and traveled with several comic bullfighting shows throughout Spain for three whole seasons.

Next stop: Tarifa. A parade through the streets to announce the show and Benito Román immortalizing the moment. In his viewfinder, the legs of the band director appeared and, in the background, as a contrast, the Hermanas Mínimas (The Tiny Sisters). They both were looking at the ground, struggling to keep up pace with the rest. Meanwhile, the music contrasted with the mask of bitterness on their faces. At that instant, he shot and took the photograph with which he introduces these ‘little artists’ to others. Now, it is up to the viewer to accept that scale is just another accident in the circus of life.

Benito Román began his career as a photographer in the 70s. Connected with news agencies and the media industry, he has received several awards, among them, the FotoPres Culture and Entertainment award for this image.